Gerard Kelly

Gerard Kelly talks at the Movement Day UK 2017 conference in Methodist Central Hall Westminster giving a Theological overview for city transformation. He highlights God's restoration theme which runs from Genesis to Revelation.

A pastor, poet and theologian, Gerard Kelly lives in Normandy, France, where he and his wife Chrissie head up The Bless Network.  UK born, he has French and Irish roots and has lived in England, Ireland, Canada, France and the Netherlands. All these places have featured at one time or another in his writings. A good number of Gerard's books have been written for the church, exploring themes of theology, mission and spirituality. Alongside these works he has published two volumes of poetry and a collection of short stories, The Whole Sky. His debut novel, The Boy Who Loved Rain was released in November 2014.

Two more recent books explore themes of theology and mission in contemporary culture. The Prodigal Evangelical was published by Lion in 2015 and followed up with The Seven Stories That Shape Your Life in 2016.