Get Involved_

Do you long to see the social, cultural and spiritual transformation of your town or city?

Are you passionate about making a difference to the well-being of your community, being a peacemaker, a creative energiser, a restorer of truth, goodness and beauty?

Here are some ways you can get involved in the Movement


Pray for your place

God moves when we pray. So let’s begin with prayer for our towns and cities. Pray for the place where you live and work. Pray for God’s blessing and peace to reign in its streets and buildings. Listen to God’s heart for your place and pray for the needs and kingdom dreams that his heart reveals.

Learn from others’ stories

We can learn so much from what God is already doing in cities and towns in the UK and around the world. We don’t have to start from scratch but we can take inspiration and ideas from existing movements. Take a look at our Transformational Stories_ page to get started and find more videos, articles and books in our Learning Resources_ page.

Meet other leaders

We know that transformation comes out of unity and unity is built on strong relationships. So, meeting other leaders in your area and getting to know their heart for that place is really important. As we know, this takes time and commitment but the blessings are immense. What leaders in your area can you connect with and start the conversation with? Who can you pray with regularly for your place to see God move there?

Grow unity

When leaders in a city or town join together with one heart and one kingdom purpose, God starts to do very powerful things. This transformational unity is characterised by humility and trust. There may be a unity movement in your area already. Take a look at the Gather Website to see who you can connect with. If there is no unity movement in your place, please contact us at for some advice on starting one.

Seek God’s vision

As we join together in unity in our places, we can seek God’s heart for our place together. We believe that God has a unique plan for each city and town in the UK and we can discover that plan together. If your place is at this stage of the journey, we would love to invite you to consider Hosting your own Movement Day. See more information in The_Movement_ pages.

Take action

Whatever plan God has for your place, we know that it will involve both prayer and action. We believe the churches and ministry organisations have so much to offer in our cities and towns and that work can become much more effective for transformation. When we have the foundation of unity, we can work in a strategic and coordinated way alongside the public bodies to make a real difference. How can you move forward with a strategic action plan for your place? Take a look at our framework of Movement Day Gatherings and Movement Day Conversations and many other questions that can guide you in this process.