In January 2018 leaders from over 16 cities across the UK came together to begin a conversation about starting a Movement Day in their place

Building off the success of Movement Day UK in October in central London where over 1,000 leaders met from unity movements, businesses, churches, education, health, media, arts and local government. 

The aim was never to create a yearly national event but catalyse strategic conversations across many cities about the future of those places and the role the whole church has to play in God’s plan of transformation.

The introductory days involved a lot of discussion about how a Movement Day process works across a city looking at two distinct expressions of a Movement Day Gathering and a Movement Day Conversation.



The aim is for a city/town to host a yearly Movement Day gathering over the next few years. The event then becomes a place for the whole body of christ to meet, to press forward a vision for the city, to gather more in unity, effect deeper partnerships, and empower more christians in the spheres of city life. The event is the catalyst for inspiration, conversation, goal setting, and partnership. 



However the Movement Day conversation is about the 365 days before the event and the 365 days after the event where the real work is done. This will begin a series of conversations and working groups to cover some key strategic actions. 

  • Relationship building for buy-in between major stakeholders (Church and secular bodies)
  • Information gathering on the state of the church and the city.
  • Prayer for the success of the process.
  • Setting up sphere networks.
  • Setting up working groups around specific city needs.
  • Re-organising unity structures to support the wider vision. 
  • Setting up a steering group to take forward a monitorable 15 yr vision.

Some of the questions we discussed at the Introductory Sessions were:

  • What happens during a Movement Day Gathering?
  • What defines a Movement Day from other city events? 
  • What support can Movement Day UK and the Gather Network give our city MD?
  • What is the big vision behind the Movement Day initiative?

There are now 12 major cities actively talking about beginning a Movement Day process in their city over the next few months.


If you want to find out more about starting a Movement Day process in your place please