Dr. Jayakumar Christian

Jayakumar Christian talks at the Movement Day UK 2017 conference in Methodist Central Hall Westminster about the position of the church in relation to poverty. He uses the bible passage of Jeremiah 29 to explain that it is the church's responsibility to give hope to the poor and the marginalised.

Jayakumar Christian, is a development practitioner and currently serves as the Partnership Leader for Faith & Development, with World Vision International. In his current role Jayakumar Christian provides support to the organisation to faithfully and diligently discern and live out its faith through its ministries.

Before taking up this position Jayakumar was the National Director of World Vision India for over 11 years. The author of a few academic works on poverty like “Powerlessness of the Rural Poor,” “Rethinking Christian Responses to the Poor,” and “Redefining Urban Poverty.” Jayakumar earned a bachelor’s degree from Madras University (India), a master’s in social work from the Madras School of Social Work (India), and a master’s and doctorate degrees from The Fuller School of World Missions, California (US).

He lives in Chennai with his wife, Vidhya. They are blessed with two sons

The bible passage is read and creatively communicated by Dai Woolridge.